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facebook marketing retail sewing Aug 21, 2022

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I was just thinking about a question that a client asked me. This is a brand new client and she was debating whether or not she should sign up for our service. (She ended up doing it!)

And that question was: Chris, what if Facebook ads stop working? What if Facebook stops being something that we can rely on for traffic?

And I thought, Hey, that's a good question. Because it's happened with a lot of platforms in the past, like Google every time they change their algorithm.

It's happened with Facebook, it used to be a lot easier to get traffic with Facebook organically and a lot more attention. But not anymore unless you're paying money.

But it's still very cost-effective advertising, which I explained to her by showing her some numbers for some other clients and how cheap the traffic is once you do it the right way.

What I said was, hey, you know, that's a legit question. It's actually a very legitimate concern. She's a business owner, so like most business owners, her intuition is really good because they've been through a lot.

But I told her that the best way to hedge against Facebook not working at all anymore is to collect emails, collect addresses, collect phone numbers, collect any data that lets you contact your customers, and reach out to them directly.

Because the stuff that's not going anywhere is the telephone, mail, email, and the internet.

Email and the internet are pretty much hand in hand at this point. Collect everything you can.

Same thing with mail with the US post office, get their addresses. Get everything because at the end of the day, if you find these social media platforms to connect with people and you can get really cheap traffic or quick traffic from them, and you start building your business and your pipeline, your funnel will become dependent on that traffic front, and you will be in trouble If something happens to the platform.

So in the process of leveraging the platform, always collect this information.

So what we do in our agency is, we collect people's emails on the front by providing them with lead magnets from our clients (which we are marketing for).

So people have a good reason to sign up, a lead magnet is something that people get value from.

So we basically say: "Hey, give us your email address, and we're gonna send you this cool guide for our sewing machine retail client on how to maintain your sewing machine". That's an example with one of our clients.

We collect A LOT of emails for our clients. we're collecting hundreds of emails in some cases for single clients. We're generating emails on a regular basis in addition to those ads.

So think about that. Your marketing is how can you hedge against platforms going away or changing their policies, or even shutting you down.

Because it happens even by mistake. You could do nothing wrong and Facebook will shut down an ad account just because their algorithm said so.

They could have bugs in their system or whatever, and all of a sudden you don't have traffic for a long time, sometimes for months at a time in some cases. I've heard horror stories from some people.

So always collect your customer's information for remarketing. create a strategy around remarketing and retargeting, which is also something we do for our clients.

If you're interested in figuring out how you can integrate these strategies into your Facebook advertising, let me know! You can book a call with me.

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I hope you're having a great day!

- Chris


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