The AIDA Principle

marketing retail sewing Sep 04, 2022

Hey, everybody!

Wanted to shoot a message out there to you about something that I think is really good to understand from a marketing perspective.

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It's something called the AIDA principle. 

AIDA is an acronym. It stands for:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

Basically, that acronym represents a funnel.

It represents the top of the funnel for awareness, then interest and desire, which is the middle of the funnel, making the interest happen, and then, creating desire. Finally, action, a call to action, or a CTA, as some people call it.

When using that model, or thinking about that as a marketing funnel, we think about going out to people that maybe never heard about us or don't know who we are, getting them to know us and understand us, and then creating desire around what we do or seeing if they're a good fit.

Maybe they already desire it, and we offer the call to action, asking for the sale, or asking them to do business with us.

When you think about marketing, have this funnel in your mind, and think about AIDA: Awareness, interest, desire, and action. In that order.

I always think about it like just any relationship, like any human relationship. It goes through steps. You go through stages of meeting somebody, getting to know them better, and then deepening the relationship.

And moving towards possibly creating a meaningful relationship if it's a good fit. It's the same thing with business, right?

You can't just go up and marry someone on the first date, so to speak.

Even though many people try to do that, and some try to operate their business that way, it's not always the best plan.

It doesn't always work out great in the long run. It might be good for short-run sales and things like that. But keep in mind that a funnel starts out with a bunch of people and then brings it down to the people that are going to take action.

The AIDA principle is something that we use with Facebook advertising.

The beautiful thing about Facebook advertising is that it has something called retargeting built into it.

So you can go out and introduce yourself to a bunch of people, and see if they're interested through their actions and their actual behavior. And then, remarket and retarget to those people and follow up with them.

Even more so, with things like email marketing, push notifications and other tools that you use to capture their attention, and then see if you can remarket to them.

And of course, having a clear call to action, having a clear buy now button, or a clear sign up here for this consultation. Anything like that.

That should be really easy for the people that need your help to go ahead and request it from you, or that want to buy your product or service to go ahead and buy it from you. There needs to be a gateway in place.

So if you need help with implementing AIDA in your marketing efforts, feel free to reach out to me, just click here and I'll get in touch with you!

I hope you guys are having a great week! 



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