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marketing retail sewing Oct 02, 2022

Hi Everybody!

I wanted to talk to you about a strategy I've used over the past month or so to collect some more leads.

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We got a couple of new clients off of this, and it's actually a strategy I've used for a long time to generate sales leads.

It's not like a mega super strategy, it's not gonna bring in tons, but it does work. And one thing we do on a monthly basis is: we'll survey our clients!

So we send out a performance survey and say: "Hey, how are we doing?" and a couple of scaling questions, like on a scale of one to five kind of thing. And then, a couple of open-ended questions to get some open-ended feedback about how we might improve, and how we might be able to make our services better for our clients. 

But at the end of that survey... Always ask for a referral. Always say, Hey, if you enjoy our services, things are going good, what's the name and number of somebody we can contact? And we will give you whatever incentive, like X, Y, Z incentive basically, to go ahead and give us the referral.

And if the referral pans out, we go ahead and pay them an incentive for that.

What we do is go ahead and send that survey out on a regular basis. This works really well and we automate it with a software called AWeber, our email sequence.

So every month we're sending out that survey with AWeber. and I'll put a link here for AWeber if you want to sign up. They're one of the most affordable email marketing services out there that have all the automation you need for running your digital marketing for your business.

It's a really simple strategy. Just have to make sure that key components are there. Like having an actual conversation with your customer, which means asking for feedback and giving them the opportunity to give it to you, which is a conversational tool to get some engagement. And then asking for that referral at the end of that survey.

And when you ask for the referral, you want all the information you need, all of the possible information. If somebody's willing to give it to you, then go ahead and get the name, the phone number, the email, all of it. And then make sure there's an incentive, so that way you can continue to ask for referrals.

Because sometimes some customers give referrals over and over, they just keep giving referrals and they become an advocate. so just a quick tip for you. If you don't have this in your business, just build it and start doing it.

Get AWeber and start creating an email sequence that you can send every month to your customers that have already purchased from you, your buyer's list.

That's what's different from your normal list, your buyer's list that just says: "Hey, I just wanna know how we're doing with our services. Give us some feedback."

And that feedback is actually really good for the improvement of services and your products too.

By the way, who would you refer to us? Okay? No matter what service or product you sell, this is something that everybody should be doing every month.

So I hope that helps. Hope you're having an awesome day and we'll shoot another one at you soon.

- Chris

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